Spokane, WA

City of Spokane WWTP

City of Spokane WWTP.City of Spokane WWTP.

Project Summary

Consistent with our business philosophy of building long term relationships, Power City Electric has maintained a constant presence at the City of Spokane Wastewater Treatment Plant since 2005. Continuing to offer quality workmanship and customer service, we have performed on many projects located throughout including; Headworks, MCC modifications, lighting, Purging Hubs, WCD 133, Egg Shaped Digester, RPWRF Package A (Odor Control), Package B (Stand by Power Improvements), and C (Silo Digester). It’s imperative that we maintain operations for our industrial clients while we complete system upgrades or new installations, so it’s not uncommon for us to have dozens of electricians working 24 hours a day to facilitate the plant’s needs, all done with a focus on safety and production continuity.

CLIENT: City of Spokane


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